Sellers Closing Process

You have put your house up for sale and received a contract, which you accepted. All the inspections have been done and all the contingencies on the contract have been met. What’s next?

It’s time to have the closing, receive your money and get ready to move into your new home. The closing process takes place in the lawyer’s office, the title company office, or the real estate office. This process should be a nice event for all the parties involved. If everything has been done, as it should, the only thing left to do is sign the papers, receive the check, and hand over the keys.

Your agent should advise you of every step along the way and make sure that you are aware of everything that will occur. You need to bring with you to closing all of the keys and garage door openers that belong to the property you are selling.
You should have taken care of the electric service, the mail service, and any other services that should be transferred to your new address. Make sure the house is in the condition it was when you signed the contract and that all of your possessions are out of the property.

At the closing you will be asked to sign a few papers including the closing statement and the deed that you will give the new owners. You should have seen the closing statement in advance of the closing and have asked any questions you may have at that time. The closing should go smoothly and all issues should have been resolved prior to closing. After all the papers have been signed, you will receive a check for your share of the proceeds and hand over the keys to the new owners.

At that time you have fulfilled all your obligations to the transaction and can move on to your new residence. This should be a happy time and we, at Majestic Palms Realty, are committed to seeing that it is. You can rely on us to make the transaction one that goes well.